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premium strategy

Take full advantage of the features offered by the forex broker mentioned in this book.


They include;
1.one pip fixed spread
2.four digit decimal pricing
3.zero commission.

The above features do not just make it easy for traders but also make the market very predictable.

This Ebook guide provides the means required to make 10 times of deposit amount weekly and at least a hundred PIPs daily.

scalping for 5 hours provides 50-60pips while 10 hours scalping provides 100-120 pips profit


The foreign exchange market also called the forex market represents the largest and most decentralized market in the world in which currencies are traded.

In terms of size  the forex market has a net trading volume of over five trillion us dollars.

Decentralized as used in describing the forex market means there is no centralized institution in control, rather the forex market is comprised of entities such as the electronic bank networks, individual traders, brokers, etc.

This section is written with the assumption that you are familiar with the forex indicators and their utilization, the idea of technical analysis and scalping.



The strategy in this article applies to the XAU/USD pair due to its higher volatility and involves the use of three Bollinger bands with distinct settings and a commodity channel index.

This strategy is based solely on price action  without the use of indicators or fundamental analysis. It is rapid and suitable for EUR/USD currency pair with fixed spread not exceeding two pips.

You are advised to trade between the active hours which is between 6:00am -7:00pm GMT +01:00.

With this strategy coupled with the Required-Volume Formula you should double your deposit  in one day and make a lot more within a week.

Multiply your deposit by five times weekly.